Bricks to Clicks

Why Some Brands Will Thrive in E-Commerce and Others Won’t

Learn how to sell online. Real-world case studies and market insights from the world’s largest brands reveal what the best brands are doing right to win online. Gain knowledge of best practices that enable brands and retailers to survive and thrive in the dynamic, fast-paced, and highly competitive world of e-commerce.

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Leveraging his first-hand knowledge as founder and CEO of Content Analytics, serial entrepreneur and author David Feinleib examines the threats and immense opportunity facing today’s most valuable brands. He demonstrates how brands that want to succeed in the fiercely competitive environment of e-commerce must understand and embrace the four key elements that control how much is sold and by whom: algorithms, content, convenience, and execution.

What You’ll Learn

Learn the best practices in e-commerce of the world’s leading brands and how to:

  • Make the transition from selling in-store to selling (and winning) online
  • Conduct online brand audits to pinpoint opportunities for improvement
  • Increase brand equity through high-quality content
  • Maximize online sales by understanding the key metrics you need to measure and optimize

Who This Book Is For

Brand managers, shopper marketing professionals, e-commerce managers, and sales professionals at brands and manufacturers; buyers, category managers, and merchants at retailers; and agency and search engine marketing professionals looking to develop expertise in e-commerce so they can expand the work they do with their brand and retailer clients

Bricks to Clicks Podcast

Bricks to Clicks is a podcast presented by Content Analytics and hosted by author, CEO, and entrepreneur, David Feinleib. Listen to experts in the field of eCommerce talk about industry trends and tips to help brands start winning online.

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