Content Analytics VendorSCOR™

An All-In-One Vendor Scorecarding & Content Optimization for Retailers

Multi-channel retailers all face a single, common challenge: monitoring and optimizing the vast amount of product content on their websites. Introducing VendorSCOR™,  the first and exclusive end-to-end system that monitors and alerts both you and your vendors about simple and easy fixes to maintain and improve your site’s overall content health.   

Monitor, Measure, and Prioritize Content and Engage Brands

When retailers use our platform to distribute Vendor Scorecards to their sellers, vendors know what areas need immediate attention and editing, ensuring increased site quality and improved, holistic communication with the entire network of brands. VendorSCOR:

Provides key oversight on brand and seller content

Highlights elements that impact traffic and conversion

Includes an end-to-end content management platform

Connects to the retailer’s internal site for real-time syndication

Automatically monitors existing content pages

vendorscor three step

VendorSCOR™ Enables Retailers to:

  • Customize their own set of content health standards
  • Receive clear guidance and content priorities for downstream vendors
  • Study side-by-side comparisons for various categories and brands
  • Monitor click-through rates and track vendor progress
  • Leverage live, consumer-facing content to pinpoint gaps and omissions in product content

VendorSCOR™ Enables Brands to:

  • Use a single source of content to comply with retailer requirements
  • Leverage live, consumer-facing content to correct gaps and omissions in product content
  • Improve discoverability
  • Improve sales and decrease returns
  • Consistently manage brand messaging

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